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Accutane & Vitamin A?

I am currently taking accutane and I am wanting to keep up with my suppliments. They are Twinlab Mega 6 (Multi Vitamin & mineral), Grow!, Ribose-C, 250m Alpha Lipoic Acid & Fish oils.

Now I don’t know how much you know about accutane but it has some pretty nasty side effects. On the warning label it says not to take vitamin a.

From my understanding the reason behind that is that accutane has a high concentration of it already. (Mega 6 has 500% vitamin A) As far as I know there are no negative side effects to a Vit-A overdose.

So it wouldn’t really hurt if I took more?

Would I run into any real problems with any of the suppliments I’m taking?

My doctor could only state that he doesn’t really know and it’s best to be cautious. So because I don’t want to screw myself over for life because some of these side effects can be perminate I figured I would ask you guys before I began taking them again.