Accutane Side Effects

My brother is on his last month of accutane and will then have to wait at least six months to have his wisdom teeth pulled out. As some of you may know Accutane causes thinning of the skin and poor wound healing which is why 6-12 months is recommended before having surgery.

My question is there anything that can be taken to help/speed this up? I have read that bone broths help the skin. I am thinking that GHRP will help since it has helped me with some of those things.

Foods/supplements/peptides anything really.

Nothing by any time noticeably dramatic, why the rush anyways wisdom teeth aren’t something that need to be removed instantly. Anything to help boost collagen production and perhaps de tox the system. He should be careful if weight lifting too, Accutane can cause issues with joints that get strained under exercise.

TheraCurmin, Biosil, Glucosamine sulfate, and fermented fish cod liver oil will all help a lot for collagen production and joint/tissue health, also vitamin D supplemented by dose level of where he is at with a blood test. Making sure to keep an anti inflammatory diet can help with other things, Paleo can work great. Making sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for micro nutrients aiding in the methylation de tox system of the body. Methyl b12, and Methyl folate combination supplement. No folic acid additive foods or supplements if he has the c6667t comt MTHFR mutation.