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Accutane Question


I know this is a silly question, but one I really need some answers on�?�
I have been using Accutane for 1 month now, and lips are dry, and skin seems a little dry as well..
Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on good lotions for your face?

I don�??t want a greasy lotion they seems to make me break out a little more than I like..
Accutane has done wonders for me, I love the stuff�?�
My wife has all this girly stuff, but the stuff seems so greasy to me�?�
I don�??t want to get flamed for this post, because its something I really want help with�?�

Thanks Kuch


I used St. Ives when I used Accutane. I found a scent-free kind (which is what you want). Otherwise I suppose Aveeno would have been good, too.


There's tons of stuff every manufacturer has a male line and most will suit you. We're not cavemen anymore... I thought everyone uses skin care!?
Shaving your whole body is ok, but using a face lotion is girly?



I did Accutane few years back and have experience with the sides from Accutane. If you think your skin will jut be a "little" dry just wait...

Doctors will recommend Cetaphil because you can buy it at Walmart or any grocery store over the counter and for cheap.

But I'll tell you the best stuff that will never make you break out more is made by a company called Murad...and the lotion is called Skin Perfecting Lotion. The stuff is amazing. It is a little more expensive about $25 for a 1.5-2 month supply. But if you hate acne as much as I did prior to Accutane, it is worth the money. In fact, all of the Murad line of products are incredible and they were like a miracle to me. I still use the lotion and I'm off of the Accutane. You can only get Murad at a salon/beauty store or order it online. Definitely, worth your time. A lot of the other lotions are super thick and I just hated gooping them on my face.


MGD, Awesome reply, just went to there site and placed a order with them...

Thanks again for your reply.. Cant wait to try the product..



Hey MGD, one more question I had..

How long were you on Accutane? I have been on it for 1 month, and the stuff is amazing... I hate acne I really do... I dont have it bad or anything but I am 31 years old, and I hate even having a couple... LOL



Yah, I was the same way...never had anything major but wasn't even worth dealing with it. I first was prescribed Accutane by a doc in 8th grade and was on it for maybe 5-6 months. I had success while on it but I kept hearing these stories from guys with great complexion that swore they never got a pimple again after taking a full dosage of Accutane.

That wasn't the case for me. A couple years ago I order Accutane from overseas and self-medicated for about 8 months. I had the best results in this format. Since, then I never break out, even when on gear. You have to be very careful with the dosage protocol for Accutane according to your body weight. But the best thing I can advise you to do is not quit short.

You can actually waste the entire time you spent on Accutane by cutting it short. If you go too long though, it can actually have the opposite effect on you by making acne worse(same with taking too much). Do the research for yourself and try to stay on as long as you safely can and you won't ever have problems again. The chapped lips and dry skin will minimize as your body adapts. Accutane is a miracle drug for many.