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Accutane - Looking at the Market


Would anyone pay $50 for 2 months worth of accutane?

I'm thinking about opening up a new research chem company, based off skin care.


$50 for 2 months? At what dose?


That's an easy yes. Accutane is expensive as sin without an insurance that covers it.


yea what dose? If its good, then yes.


Am I the only one who finds the OP's avitar a little disturbing? I hope he's not a baby sitter.

OP, what gives with pedophile like avi?


Go for it... Skin care is a good thing... Big fan of Accutane... Its amazing stuff...



I got an awful acne breakout that lasted for months after my very first cycle, and after it finally cleared I was unhappily surprised when it resurfaced even worse back in April. I don't know why it occurs on some cycles but not during others.


I thought it was awesome. But i'm 19, so perspective is a little different.

Any of you guys taken Accutane for extended periods of time? I ask because my derm would only give it out if absolutely everything else didn't worked. Something about suicidal tendencies, I believe.


Most of the sides I am noticed...The side I get are dry lips and dry face... I am only taken 30 Mg a day...Been on it for 6 weeks now..
I am just shocked at how good the stuff works...

I am 31 so I really hate acne.. I did not have a bad case of acne, but I dont even like having a zit...LOL

Accutane has worked so good, and I know that it gets a really bad rap... I am not having all the sides that people talk about...

Just my 2 cents..

have a great day1!!



That's my experience too. Great product!


I have only ran anabolic / light androgenic cycles with no acne, but will be running my first cycle w/ test in a few months. Should I get the accutane now? It is the last thing I want to be on, but I used to have acne as a kid, and I hated it. It took me years to get in under control, and I still use benzoyl peroxide on my face and back twice a day. I don't want to end up with bad acne for months after my cycle like Contrl did.


Don't go on Accutane while you're on gear. Accutate re-regulates hormones to change the chemistry of your skin. There'd be a LOT of unnatural hormonal stuff going on inside you if you added Accutane to your drug regime.


thanks, guys. Might give it a shot. I'm still young enough where acne gives me problems, so I'll give this a try when I run out of the prescription stuff.


what do you mean when you say re-regulates? Could it down-regulate my natural Test levels if I take it while not on gear?


I've never heard of accutane down-regulating test levels, though it is quite hard on the liver so wouldn't be a good idea to use in conjunction with oral steroids or steroids in general, which can also be hard on the endocrine system.


The dosage would be 40 mg a day, for two months. Fairly mild.

I'm in the process of acquiring the raw materials to start production. It isnt that isotretinoin is super expensive, but you have to buy alot at a time.

Fuckin chinamen.


I'd probably be in the market.


No, you're not the only one. I was going to comment on it before I saw your post.

I did get a chuckle out of it. A disturbed chuckle, of course.


I'd buy


I'd definitely buy.

I use to get my stuff from Chemone, but their supply is gone. I don't know if they discontinued it or not.

Let us know how it goes.