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Accutane in Canada

 Does anybody know how to get an accutane prescription without a doctor? My doctor retired and I have literally called about 35 others, none taking new patients. I have mild acne that flares up if i do the following

-eat dairy, including whey
-sweat and not wash it off IMMEDIATELY
-not get enough sleep
-get sun

It isn't brutal, but its definitely there and pisses me the fuck off. I'm sick of trying to keep it under control with bp gel and the acne.org regimen. I want a low dose accutane cycle. How would i go about seeing a dermatologist/getting the prescription. I have no problem shelling out the full price.

the only other thing i can think of is 10-15g B5 a day. but i have yet to find somewhere that offers that at a reasonable price. i have heard of it being sold in big jugs like protein powder or creatine.

anyways, acne is an internal problem and nothing i put on my face is gonna fix it completely. i either use spectro gel gently a maximum of 2x a day, or just water. i know i could throw a bunch of shit on my face but i would rather have a bit more acne and keep things clean and simple.


There is some sort of clinic in toronto that will prescribe it for you i forget its name i saw it on tv.


I don’t know anything about how the Canadian prescriptions work, but I can tell you that in the US, Accutane has become VERY regulated, even more so than in the past. I can also tell you that it absolutely works to get rid of acne…it’s the only thing that ever really worked for me.

You might want to do a google search for “Accutane Joint Pain” and read some of the horror stories though. A small percentage of people get messed up for life on this stuff. I took 3 seperate Accutane cycles throughout my life (I’m 31 now). On the first two, I experienced NO side effects other than the severe chapped lips and some nose bleeds. Both times my acne came back after a few years but nowhere near as bad as it was. During and after this cycle however, I’m positive that the pain in my knees, elbows, and shins is from the Accutane. I’m happy to report that it’s subsiding (not like the horror stories I read of people getting arthritis and fybromyalgia and shit)


You might wanna try a tretinoin cream/gel (like Retin-A), first. It’s the active principle, a form fo vitamin A, which increases skin cell turnover and oil production, but it’s topical, so less risk fo side effects. It might be easier to obtain without a prescription too, but I’m not sure. I know accutane is very stricly controlled because it may cause birth defects.


You dont want accutane if its mild. Accutane will dry the SHIT out of your skin and dry out your joints. It’ll make lifting and any other exercise actually painful. The sun will burn your skin in minutes. I had cystic acne which was starting to scar really bad so I had to take it.

I had been on creams prescription meds like bactrim pads and combinations of all sorts. I would try to get a prescription bactrim while using benzoyl peroxide cream.


[quote]BetaBerry wrote:
You might wanna try a tretinoin cream/gel (like Retin-A), first. It’s the active principle, a form fo vitamin A, which increases skin cell turnover and oil production, but it’s topical, so less risk fo side effects. It might be easier to obtain without a prescription too, but I’m not sure. I know accutane is very stricly controlled because it may cause birth defects.[/quote]

Agree with this. In my experience, the acne.org regime is only effective if your acne is due to poor hygiene or excessively oily skin (ie teenagers). Topical vitamin A on the other hand, works wonders.

If you have adult on-set acne, it is the only thing worth trying. I’m in Canada, and have used a prescription topical vitamin A preparation called Stievamycin. You should be able to get an Rx quite easily by visiting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who also deals with skin disorders.


thanks for the advice guys.

has anyone heard anything about AHA?

also. does this mean i have high test? I got some free tribulus from work and tried it for 3 days and broke out like crazy, ZMA does the same thing, almost anyhting like that makes me breakout. if im getting constant mild acne and flareups does this mean my testosterone levels are high?

the trib didn’t do fuck all but make me break out, and also i was irrationally short tempered lol.


Have you tried diet modification? I have found it useful. For what it is worth…

“Acne is mostly an inflammatory reaction of your body to skin lesions caused by sebum outbreaks to cells lining the hair follicles, and by similar lesions inflicted by chemicals produced by the development of acne bacteria within blocked pores.”

Try the following steps to reduce total body inflammation:

1: Cut out vegetable oils which are heavy with Omega 6. Replace with olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil, or other non-dairy fats.
2: Take vitamin D3 soft gel 4000-6000 IUs per day.
3: Cut down wheat, sugar and other refined grains.
4: Sleep more.
5: Don’t eat dairy.

There is a lot of info out their regarding diet and inflammation.




I do all of that stuff pickitupsnake.


AHA as in Alpha Hydroxy Acids? It’s a type of mild acid that causes a peel. It depends ont he concentration used. A LOT of cosmetics already contain some type of AHA, usually in very small quantities, or you can have a facial peeling done by a professional with much higher concentrations. It removes the upper layer of skin (in blunt terms), revealing newer, healthier cells, so that helps with acne for some people. But it’s only temporary, most times the skin goes back to its normal after a while, it’s not going to be a lasting result like with tretinoin.

Edit: just to clarify, tretinoin works in much the same way, causing a peel, but a deeper one, so to speak because it increases the cell turn over (the rete at which the cells multiply and shed off). So it’ll make your skin dry and sensitive and might makes it peel as if you were sunburnt. The entire mechanism of how it clears acne is unknown though.

I’m a cosmetology nerd (and a pharmacist), hence my interest in the topic, lol.


If your not afraid of buying online many of the steroid sites carry accutane.


Hi schultzie

I am currently on accutane and i live in AB, canada. In my province you would have to go to the doctor. In my case my acne was very sevre so all i had to do is go to a medical clinic, and they proscribed it. Although after that i have been on and off, going through many dermatologists, finally now at U of A clinic.

If your acne isnt bad i dont think the would prescribe it since it is a very strong medication. They might give you minocycline. Plus i wouldnt reccomend it it its not that bad, since there are another ways. If your a power lifter it might get really hard. I only train for body, but my squat has gone down due to back pain for the medication, plus you get fatigued easier.

Bad thing is you do have to get a prescribtion for it. Reason is while you are on it they have to track your colesteral levels and blod pressure, and some other things i think. Good thing is i have been only using it for a couple weeks and its working great. Also if you can find it online make sure its a legitamate site.

I also use noxema, which you can buy almost anywhere (eg. safeway). It works good and smells great.