Accutane Dose

Hey guys, just had a quick question regarding accutane.

Last month I decided to up the dose in preparation for an upcoming meet. I’ve always had issues with acne on cycle, but this time it was bad. My face broke out the worst and left some permanent scarring, and decided to cut the cycle short.

I’ve finally found a source for accutane and am considering running it. From what I can gather, 20mg/day seems to be the usual dose on cycle. However, there seems to be mixed reviews on whether or not one should run other orals along side it.

I obviously care about my liver, but would accutane and say, dbol be a bad combination? Has anyone ever ran anything similar?

Thanks ahead.

My dermatoligist started me on 20mg a day. Said we go up from there. Made my joints hurt a bit. Stopped taking it after 2 months. Between the joint pain (minor), dry lips (major!!), dried out nose (major!!) patches of dry skin (minor) I coulden’t take it man. Actually worked better after I stopped taking it. I still have a couple of boxes left

Ive ran it twice, and it is seriously a miracle,
Last summer on a test tren prop cycle my back was like a fucking peperonni pizza it was absolutely terrible, isotretonion 20mg/day for 4 weeks, and by the end of 4 weeks it was so much better, the cool thing is at the right dosages accutane can sometimes CURE this issue moving forward as well even after you stop taking the medicine.
it is technically an antibiotic. I love the stuff, just stay the hell away from oral steroids, and alcohol when taking it. It is brutal on the liver.

i’d read through this: PCT - Pharma - Forums - T Nation

took accutane in highschool for acne.
MAN, accutane has no room in bodybuilding IMO. that shit suuuuuuuuuucks. man you best have a bottle of carmex strapped to you like a gun holster, bc the nose bleeds and lip bleeds are Real talk.
further stacking that with gear, you best BUHLIEVE your cholesterol is fucked up to all hell.
I’d suggest letrizole if you need to come in crisp for a show. but then again lerizole destroys cholesterol, but no even close to the same level as accutane.

Ya my cholesterol was a bit out of wack, but nothing crazy. Creatin was up a bit as well. All expected. I totally agree though, you need to be living clean while your taking it, for sure. I actually stopped taking it due to the joint discomfort. It wasent bad, but reminded of my 1 st time on winni. I was in home depot when my knees started going out.

Popping and painful. Almost couldnt walk all of a sudden. Stopped the winni, issue gone. Dam shame, that shit was cheap and good, lol. So, I decided I didnt want to get even close to that reaction, stopped the accutane and issue gone. Several months later and im still pretty much blemmish free

If you’re having focused breakouts, Retin-A (the topical form that Accutane is derived from) works well and pretty fast. It’s not great if you say, have to paint your whole back with a roller, but if it’s just your face or upper traps that are broken out, you should see results pretty quickly and will avoid all the sides that come with actually ingesting the stuff.