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Accutane and Mag-10...

I’ve been given the choice of whether or not to take accutane for a skin problem and have decided that it’s what I need. Where the problem may lie is that my training plan calls for Mag-10 supplementation within the next 5 months that I’d be on accutane. Since this drug has been found to be sensitive to interactions / complications with AAS, I was wondering what type of precautions one should take if on accutane and supplementing with Mag-10? I would really appreciate Mr. Roberts opinion as I’ve read previous posts of his regarding this drug and of course because he knows more about Mag-10 than anyone else. I’d also appreciate any input from anyone else that may have some beneficial input. Thanks

Clout, I thought I would jump in this thread and offer you my 2 cents. I can’t tell you much about Mag 10, but I can share my experiences with Accutane.

Simply stated, Accutane changed my life. It opened a new world to me, and perhaps engaged a confidence I never knew I had. I am a huge fan of accutane and would reccomend it to anyone despite the warnings from others and the list of side effects. While I was on it I experienced quite a bit of joint pain and pain in my upper back near my spine. This affected my training some what, it was quite discomforting, but went away about a month after I stopped taking the drug. My skin is now flawless and it has been about two years since I ended treatment.

If I had to chose between the two, I would say alter your training schedule and do the accutane. Perfect skin is worth it.

When all the antibiotics and creams in the world would not help my acne, Accutane DID! To have flawless skin when you arent used to it is definitely a great experience. If I were in your shoes now and had to decide between perfect skin and another 15 lbs or so of muscle I would go for accutane. If I were a professional athlete and my career or a contract depended on gaining the extra weight or increasing my strength I would opt for Mag-10. Then again, everyone’s priorities are different. Choose the path that will make you the happiest :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies guys.