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Accutane and Cycle

So last cycle I had a crazy acne flare on face, it was extremely bad. Outside of cycle I have never had bad acne, but on it was cystic. I was able to get prescribed accutane and stared at 40mg per day (been on this for 4 weeks), then it will be raised to 60mg per day in about two weeks. I also began my cycle two weeks ago with prop kicker at 100mg ed and 250mg test e every Sunday/Wednesday. Also I am on the brand absorbica which is the strongest form of accutane they have (70% absorption rate as compared to 40% in other brands). So I plan on just running 500mg a week of e after the prop kicker but I am wondering if you guys believe I will still see the permanent and desired effects from the accutane given than I am on cycle. Personally I believe the accutane is far more powerful in regards to its effects on the sebaceous gland than the androgens from testosterone. But I would like to hear some feedback because I am completely open to dropping the cycle or continuing on based on others experiences etc. Lastly the cycle will be 10 weeks (technically 12 because last pin will be at the 10th week), but the accutane will be for 5 months so two months post cycle and the drug continues to induce its effects months after the last dosage.

Accutane act reasonably reducing the size of the sebaceous glands and more strongly the amount of oil they produce. I had bad experience with acne but I used an antibiotic called cephalexin, my skin got super clear!