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Accutane Alternative= B5 Panothentic Acid

Hey guys, before I use one of the cyclines (doxycycline,etc.) or Accutane, I figure to try and go more natural/cheaper route.From reading supplement reviews and checking out other forums, it seems that a significant amount of people have had great success using mega doses of B5( Ive heard of daily dosages anywhere from 7-20g for around a month) to treat severe/cystic acne. I got some pretty bad acne on my back, some in between my pecs and have been battling facial acne for about 10years(been keeping my face almost acne free due to consistent utilization of Daniel Kern’s suggested regimen from acne.org, cleanser/jojoba oil and treatment/2.5%BenzoylPeroxide).

My concern is how to use B5 optimally, are there any foods I should avoid or more beneficial times to use the product?

It seems that morning,afternoon & evening were suggested times by most. Although,I tried two dosages close to bedtime yesterday, this might have been the reason I had trouble falling asleep. It seems like I have to have a lot of things perfect for me to fall asleep, no one watching tv upstairs, no computer on,etc.

NOTE: The two main factors I believe for my more recent back/chest acne (since 2011) is the naive supplementation i did of dhea, without getting proper bloodwork to see if what dosages I should use if any, it seemed like right after I bumped up my doasages, I started to break out on my chest and back, so right then I stopped. Also regular milk seems to flare up my acne, unfortunately my main protein powder has milk in it, so I’m switching to a more expensive grass-fed protein powder I found(but, hey you get what you pay for).

I’ve hoped this might have helped others battling acne and I hope to get any experienced or knowledgeable posters on this topic, Thx :slight_smile: