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Accurate Physical Stats Of Bodybuilders

I just thought this was neat because I’ve seen so many authors/fitness wannabes throw numbers of how big, lean, strong etc they were, with no real clue of what such stats really look like.

Dorian shared this earlier today. He was 5’10 or so, heaviest onstage weight of 269 I believe and here he’s talking about being uncomfortable at about 3 bills.

It Just makes me laugh recalling a fitness author bragging how he was about 280 and lean, but would go on to not even be able to win an amateur masters contest, looking nothing like any decent bodybuilders of similar stats. (I understand proportions etc, but we’re talking pure muscle size)



Paul Carter?

I sit here writing this at a relatively lean 280 pounds.


I had the exact same thought.

Most lie about their stats.

Mike Israetel blocked me for calling him out. Said he naturally got contest lean at a weight I pointed out was heavier than Flex Lewis.

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Assuming we are talking about humans

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It could have been anyone,…

But what I guess really stands out to me when I look at Dorians pics is that here’s one of the largest, imo greatest, bodybuilders ever, and I like to think he’s always been very open about his stats… heck, I think a lot (not all!) of people (competitors) are pretty forthright simply because they don’t need to impress anyone off the actual stage.

I’ve referenced Arash before because I’m close friends with him and imho he’s a damn impressive specimen. 5’10, 210 lbs onstage and 235 off season… and lemme tell you, off season he is absolutely huge! So this is what runs through my head whenever I read very questionable stats posted online.


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Having met some top level pro strongmen and bodybuilders, I think it’s funny bodybuilders are more impressive in person. The muscularity of a top pro seems to warp physics in person. To steal from Lovecraft it’s like ancient cyclopean non-human geometry. There are angles and dimensions that do not make rational sense. I don’t find strongmen that way. I’ve met Brain and Thor and others. While they are large and impressive, their geometry is reasonably proportional. They are just big humans.


280 was a VERY specific number, haha.

It’s like pro wrestling at this point: gotta have a billed weight.

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lol :wink:

“And Hailing from parts unknown…”


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Careful guys, you might get an email from the aforementioned author

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When I did powerlifting in my 20’s I got to about 300lbs (at 6’2") and it sucked! Sure I was strong, but always uncomfortable and could never find clothes that fit, walking was a chore. To be fair I was much, much fatter than Dorian Yates at that weight, but 300 lbs is 300 lbs.

The funny thing is that now at 215 lbs I think I look bigger and certainly get more “you’re huge” comments from people. I also feel better, move better and wear jeans.

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Yep. I am the lowest weight I have been in years (195 at 5’10"). I was over 230 lbs for a bit. Was strong, but fat. I have kept almost all the strength cutting down. Never got any comments about muscle when I was fat.