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Accurate Kidney GFR When You Have Higher Than Normal Muscle Mass?


On blood tests the GFR is usually calculated using the creatinine that is excreted from the kidneys but from my understanding this reading can be higher for people with extra muscle mass so based on this could it mean the calculated GFR is inaccurate on this basis?

What would be a more accurate way of testing kidney function for someone with muscle mass?

P.s posted in TRT section as it relates to TRT bloods and you guys are familiar with standard T dose blood results

24 hour urine collection test.

Thank you, what would I be testing?
Is it a 24 hour GFR test?

Yes. It will give you an accurate reading versus an estimated reading with a blood test. I had the same issue with muscle mass and a calculated number. My Primary Care Doctor sent me to a Nephrologist and it turned out to be fine.

Ok that’s great! Thank you very much