Accurate HGH Info

hi guys i just joined and im sorry if these questions have been asked befor but its so hard to get acurate info on the net…
i got a cuple of things id like to know about hgh:

  1. is the anabolic effect similar to that of testosterone?
  2. is there testicular shrinkage or permanent decrease of natural gh levels
  3. is it tru that u can still gain a couple of inches in hight even if ur 21?

thx for ur time and pleeez help me with ur info

here are your answers:


  1. testosterone, like all AAS stimulates muscle cell hypertrophy. HGH conversly indirectly via IGF stimulates muscle hyperplamia - devision of muscle cells and creation of new cells that can be hypertrophied. You need to use a lot of GH though to really see this occur, and other sides such as growth of intestines and organs, nose, lips, tounge hands e.t.c will also occur.

2 No GH doesn’t effect the HPTA.

  1. Once your growth plates have fused on your long bones you cannot grow any taller. The growth will just occur in thickness of bones and joints.

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