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Accurate Body Fat Assessment?

I have been keen for some time now to get a dexa scan and managed to source a good deal near my workplace in London. I’ve uploaded a recent pic. Any guesses as to my reading?

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I was so thinking about doing one of these! Getting a reading than starting a guess thread that is.

Ummmmmm I’m gonna go with 11.2% Bf.

Judging by the hardness of your nipples, I’m gonna go with 8.69%

Way off mate! I should have also added that the pic is when I was 3lbs lighter. I’m currently 184lbs, so assume I have gained 3lbs fat mass since that photo.

I would recommend dexa as it clarifies a few things, such as visceral fat levels, bone density and any imbalances in the limbs. I was reassured that my visceral levels were very low, bone density was well above average, and I had no imbalances. I was also surprised to learn that the major area I am carrying fat is in my upper legs (quads and glutes) and not my torso despite the fact I have a noticeable spare tyre.

The chat with the operator was also insightful. He stated the physique athlete clients he has seen typically lose a high ratio of lean mass as well as fat when they diet down (sometimes as much as 1:1).

Haha, was a bit nippy that day! You’re not even close with that one!

It was just to squeeze in the 869.

Since you’re flexing in this. I wouldn’t be surprised if you measured as high as 14-16%. Dexas seem great, but when you compare the results of some individuals to their aesthetics (just going off some youtubes) it can still vary so much between individuals.

15-16ish would be my guess. As interesting as it is to find out it still means very little, you have visable abs, some people will need very low levels for that and some maintain them whilst fattening up.

Looking good regardless.

Well that’s cheating! You don’t even take the picture of a place where you are holding your fat! Haha set up for a fail!!

The operator made the same point: for dexa purposes, men should have decent visible abs at 14%.He claimed other body fat calculations, even decent ones such as a calipers reading by a skilled user, are on average always 4% lower than the dexa.

serious question: did you just post this thread because you think guessing games are fun? That’s absolutely the only value I could imagine taking from this thread. Perhaps I’m just more practical minded than some, but if you’re actually getting the scan, what is the point of guessing what it will say?

I’ll also add that I think a dexa scan in and of itself is pointless and has no real application to your training and diet, since there is no competition on the planet that involves readings from a dexa scan. The mirror is a more useful tool than a dexa scan.

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Wow, it’s Friday, pay day, 28c, and a long weekend here in the UK. Spare a thought for the miserable people.


Not that warm here, but the same in the USA, with a holiday weekend and Monday off. The clock watching led me to surfing these forums, lol.

Enjoy it brother!

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Incidentally, my body fat is 17.8%. My photo has favourable lighting, I’m totally glycogen depleted, and my shorts are strategically hiding a layer of flab. Needless to say, some serious dieting work to do before my next scan in 12 weeks.

Fourteen posts in a thread about body comp and no mention of a shoe?

You all suck.

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DAMMIT! that was so my next guess! Next time show a bit more leg bro :wink: hahaha