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Accurate BF Readings?

Hey all,
I got off of my cutting diet about a week ago(just to lose a few pounds) and went back into a bulk.I’ve checked my BF twice and so far I’ve gained 2 pounds of muscle in a week and a half(about 10 or 11 days),with no fat gain at all.I look like I’ve gained that much in a week and a half,but anyone think the readings could be off a little?

I’s likely water weight associated with higher carb intake.

It depends. You didn’t tell us how you are measuring it. If you are having it done at a hydrostatic testing facility, I would say no. If you are doing it yourself with calipers or a Tanita device, I would say hell yeah.

What method did you use?

No matter the method, the ONLY 100% accurate method is an autopsy, yes even under water weighing has some error to it.

The important thing is to choose a method and be consistent using that method. If it’s skinfold, have the same tester doing it (as human error is possible).
If you’re using a scale, measure the same time of day, and try to maintain proper hydration levels.

[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
I’s likely water weight associated with higher carb intake.[/quote]

This is true. 5-10lbs lost during a “diet” is water weight. This is also added into “lean body mass” because most of the composition of muscle is water. I also wouldn’t get your body fat percentage checked that often because simple things like body hydration and carb inatake can affect those readings. It doesn’t even mean you are doing anything right in the weight room. It could simply mean you ate a hamburger. That is why there should be a little less focus on your body fat number and more on strength and your overall body shape.

Well,the funny thing is,whenever I get off of a cutting diet and bulk I seem to make great gains for the first few months.