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Recently, I’ve been having some trouble with my right glute muscles. They feel tight as hell, hurt like a son of a bitch, and stretching just seems to make it worse. I couldn’t figure out what the deal was, so I talked to this one guy on our speedskating team who does accupuncture, he told me that he could work on me. So after going to a massage therapist who did some myofascial release with no decrease in pain, I decided to take him up on his offer.

So I went over to his office yesterday and he basically told me that there were a few kinds of accupuncture and that he would be giving me the “athletic therapy” version. It was weird, a couple times he poked the needles in and then manually pushed them in farther and moved them around which resulted in my right leg twitching really quickly. And a bunch of other times, he stuck the needles in and I felt this heavy, dull type of pain which sorta took my breath away every time it happened.

How did it work? I actually feel better today, and I didn’t feel any pain this morning on the ice at practice, but thats probably attributed to the endorphins.

Has anybody else had an experience with accupuncture whether it be success or did nothing for you?

I had it done on Friday 12/3 for the first time. I have a slipped disc, and my right glute was locking up. My doctor had me lean against a counter and she stuck six to eight needles in. She then used this hot cigar thing to heat up my back. The heat felt good, but I don’t know if it helped at all. Vicaden helped a lot.

I’ve never heard of the process you went through…although I am a fan of accupuncture.

I’ve done it a few times and although it is recommended to have it done within a few days of the injury, it has worked a little later.

I pulled something in my shoulders/back (sorry, don’t know the physiological term for it) from letting my shoulders bounce up and down while carrying something NOT light, but not heavy. Anyway it was sheer agony to do ANYTHING…even sleep (if I shifted positions at ALL, it was agony), so someone suggested accupuncture to me. I tried it, and after a 15 minute treatment, I was able to go back to exercising again…totally without pain.

So I did some research (now, I’m NOT a doctor nor a Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner, but this is what I found out):

It started a LONG time ago in China. They believed that there is an eneregy inherent in people (and the rock, and the tree, and the universe,etc…but we won’t get into THAT)that flows throughout the body. They term it “QI” (pronnounced “CHI”…the Japanese and Koreans call it “Ki”). This energy supports (if not gives) life.

Chi energy flows through the body and gives health, vitality, longevity, etc. Now, injuries and stress give us blocks on this healing energy…so accupuncture releases the blocks, opens the pathways for the Chi to flow, and allows us to heal quickly.

That’s the short version…although I’m not sure that this short and abbreviated version does it justice…

My wife has had wrist problems, not quite carpal tunnel, more like chronic tendonitis. Physical therapy didn’t help, so she deciede to try an accupuncturist we met at a health fair at the grocery store we went to. Her wrist has felt much better, although we realize it may never be 100%. It’s the only thing that has helped. I don’t know whether or not there’s “qi” circulating through us right now, but I’ve felt accupuncture work. The doctor had me feel my wife’s carotid pulse for a minute. Then he put in a needle (don’t know the name of the spot on her hand) and I felt her heart beat and blood pressure change. It was like feeling one of those thick crayons, then having it soften and spread out underneath my fingers. Very interesting indeed. If it makes you feel good, and produces results, do for it.

I went to an accupunturist before and it did not help me one bit. Glad you had positive results!