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Accumulation of Blood


I am getting accumulation of blood on the top oF my shoulders after during heavy Military Presses.

Is this healthy?
why does it happen?
Anything I can do about it?


How long does it stick around? Can't say whether it is healthy or not since on the norm you would want more blood flowing to that area during this exercise, but not resting there. Perhaps if it stays round for a bit you could take niacin early on, 30 min before shoulder workout. Just my thoughts.


It can stick around for up to 5 days. What is niacin?


Vitamin B3



This also happens to my workout


How heavy is "heavy"? It sounds like ecchymosis if you are referring to more of a bruise like stain underneath the skin. Your description doesn't tell us much. "accumulation of blood" doesn't tell us if you are bleeding or just bruising in the area.

Is this the only area this ever happens in? Are you on any medications? Do you take asprin? Are you a hemophiliac?

The cause of this can range from "normal" to the presentation of a disorder.


I am doing 10*3 with about an 6RM. No bleeding, just red marks, under the skin.

I don't feel any pain while doing the lift and neither after....

No, I am not a hemophiliac
No medications and asprins.

Especially my friends mom are concerned about these marks...


If they are that worried, then go see a doctor. Like I said, they range from completely normal to indicators of pathology. Most people probably wouldn't worry about it if it came from only one cause and was that localized.


Thank you!