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I’m kind of confused about CT’s intensification/accumulation scheme (for athletes). I think I know during the intensification phase you use more intensity less and less volume, kind of taking advantage of the accumulation phase, but I am kind of confused about the accumulation phase. I know it is partially designed for structural adaptations, but I am confused about the CNS. Do you just do high volume plyos and Olympic lifts? I don’t see how this would increase CNS efficiency.

where specifically does he mention this?

You should not use plyos or oly lifts on accumulation.I n his book he states tha KEAT training should be use just before a competition and certainly not as a all year round tool.

I don’t think CT says that at all. What if you are an Olympic lifter? Do you not do olympic lifts during the accumulation phase?


CT does say to do Olympic lifts during the accumulation in his 7 Best Tips. It would be great if he could clarify this and even give a simple accumulation/intesification program for an athlete. An article on this would be killer.

Point five of the seven tips is quite clear on the role of plyometrics.When I followed the tread I considered it in the context of a martial artist like Kombat or myself.In an accumulation phase I would use variations of oly lifts as general excercises,but when comes the time to intensification nothing in the gym will make as explosive as plyos certainly will.High volume pyos if used for all periods could lead to injuries.

One of CT’s last two Prime Times had a good explanation of acc/intence.
Good luck