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I noticed that for Poliquin Principles he prescribes int and acc in the same workout as a advanced program for bodybuilders. Now assuming one follows such a protocol would you say just do 5x5 for 20-30 minutes with 180 rest between sets and then a accumulation program for the rest of your workout time then 3-4 weeks later do say 6 x 2-4 then change it again infinitum.
Is this enough variation instead of 3-4 weeks of 5 x 5 then say 10 x 10 then back to intensification?


I’ve seen a few of your posts and although I’m familiar with terminology you use, I simply don’t understand your questions. And judging by the lack of replies, probably no one does.

Anyway, google for Bill Starr’s 8 week squat program or check out Staley’s “Periodization That Works” on this site for examples of volume (accumulation) and intensity phases.

Read tip number 4 from this article by CT.