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Accumulation/Intensification Type 2A

Hi CT,
I’ve been following your best damn training program and loving it. I really enjoy the frequency, the short duration per session and the different protocols for exercises… Plus the one hard working set, my favourite way of training…

I noticed you have released a strength version which I am looking forward to trying, so that:

  1. As a type 2A would it be best to incorporate a accumulation/ intensification rotating the best damn hypertrophy and best damn strength program every 4 weeks or is it best to do each program for the 12 week cycle before changing?

Just a final thing on nutritional control days while in a muscle building / weight gain phase:

  1. As your weekly total calories is the most important thing, being consistent that way, is it best to have a control day once a week or, have even calories throughout the week with both cases equaling the same weekly calories?
  2. Also is it fair to say that if you constantly bombard your body with massive amounts of food day after day, the high influx beomes less effective as your body adapts to nutrition, just like it does, weight training. A good reason to have a control day?

Thanks for the help appreciate it,


Since the 12 weeks strength program does have variations, you should be able to stick with it. The way it is designed, you have to see it all the way through to get maximum results. But you can always change the assistance work while keeping the main lift progression intact.

For fat loss it makes no difference. It really depends on what you are more comfortable with. My gut feeling is that eating a bit more on most days while having a control day might be a tad better for size. But not sure if it would be significant.

To some extent. There is a thing called metabolic adaptation to both caloric surplus and deficit. You can also get desensitized to the anabolic effect of protein if is always high. That’s why I preach the inclusion of some low protein days.

Yeh as a 2A, as you highlight, if I know my end date and what I need to accomplish, I’m fine with sticking to the same program for 12 weeks. I also have certain exercises per muscle group I know I best respond too, so that motivates me when I know and feel an exercise working a particular muscle of mine.

  1. In terms of alternating between strength and hypertrophy, is it best to alternate frequently (every 2-4 weeks) or have longer periods (10-12 weeks) before changing?

  2. Coming back to the best damn program and best damn strength, would doing each program for 12 weeks than changing to the other be the best strategy?

Control Days:

  1. As you recommend having a low protein day, how often would you do this?

Thanks again for the help,