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Accumulation/Intensification Article

Does anyone know where I can find the link on this site to it? I thought there was an article writting by either CT or CP regarding it, but I can’t seem to find it. I did a search, but came up with just mentions of it, not a full article. If anyone can help, thanks.

Authors can’t reveal all their secrets for free.

You can make is so you search only in the articles, that way you won’t get a whole bunch of results from the regular forums.

Try going to the author section under there names and loooking through the articles…not the most efficient way, but better than searching in some cases.

CP talks about it in one of his old Question of Strength columns. Go back and search during 1998-1999, and you should find it.

It’s not a full article, just some guidelines. If you take those guidelines and combine it with his Five Elements article, you should get enough to set up Accumulation/Intensification phases for yourself.

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