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Accumulation And Intensification?

I’m a little confused on how much volume to use during the accumulation phase. And i’m also not able to train 4 days a week right now because of a busy schedule so i thought i’d use the outline Christian said of 3 days week, one full-body day, one day for upper, one day for lower.
But anyway here is what i’ve kinda thought for like a 12 week program

Weeks 1-3
Day 1(sunday)
incline bench press- 4x8
chin ups- 4x8
deadlfits- 4x8
reverse lunge- 4x8

Day 2(Tuesday)
squats- 6x8
RDL- 6x8
leg press- 4x10
hyperextensions- 4x10

Day 3(Thursday)
bench press- 6x8
seated row- 6x8
db shoulder press- 4x10
pulldown- 4x10

Weeks 4-6
Day 1(Sunday)
2 board press- 3 cluster sets
chin ups- 3 cluster sets
front squats- 3x5
goodmorning- 3x5

Day 2(Tuesday)
power clean- 5x2
speed squat- 6x2
speed bench- 5x3
speed chins- 5x3

Day 3(Thursday)
squat- 3 cluster sets
RDL- 3 cluster sets
cg incline press- 3x5
chest supported row- 3x5

Weeks- 7-9
Day 1(Sunday)
2 board press- 4x6
chest supported row- 4x6
squats- 4x6
RDL- 4x6

Day 2(Tuesday)
deadlift- 10x3
leg press- 10x3
leg curl- 4x6

Day 3(Thursday)
decline bench-10x3
chin ups- 10x3
db shoulder press- 4x6
row to neck- 4x6

Weeks 10-12
Day 1(Sunday)
bench press- 1RM
chin ups- 3RM
pause squats- 3-4x3(231)
RDL- 3-4x3(501)

Day 2(Tuesday)
speed bench- 5x3
speed chins- 5x3
speed squat- 6x2
speed deads- 5 singles at 70%

Day 3(Thursday)
squat- 3RM
2 board press- 3-4x3
seated row- 3-4x3(2/1 method)

And then i would start all over again. The only reason i didn’t go back to the first high rep phase is i want to get as much out of raising the volume really high, then go to strength but not max out, then go to relatively high volume but more weight, then max out for 3 weeks and probably take a 2 weeks recovery phase. I would really like to try accumulation/intensification phases but i’m not sure if i have it quite right?