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Accumulation and Intensification Methods

Hey Coach, everybody,

First of all a merry Christmas to each and every one of you! May your last days of this accursed year be a blessing and hopefully the future vaccins will utterly destroy COVID-19 so we (most of us) can get back to lifting in the gym!

I’m currently going through week 8 of Coach’s beat the apocalypse program. It has been one hell of a (painful) experience and I’m really enjoying the progress so far. So a big thank you for that Coach!

Anyway, there are many methods used in this program that are so effective that it would be awesome to learn how to properly use them when starting a new macrocyle.

Christian, would you be interested to delight us with a capsule on training methods? This is such a cool subject:

  • Which methods you use for accumulation and intensification phases
  • When you start implementing them based on training age (beginner, intermediate, advanced) or the phase of the macrocycle (for example first exposure in the second phase)
  • What your preferred methods are based on the goal: fatloss, hypertrophy, strength, power
  • How much methods you can use in a single training session (for example when doing high volume, high intensity or high intensiveness) to manage fatigue and maximize their effectiveness.

This probably is long video material so I understand if it’s too much to ask for. I can imagine a lot of us would be very excited and grateful to watch it though!

Enjoy the holidays!

Dude, I’m actually working on a monster article (which will likely be broken down into a few articles because it’s already 10 000 words long) about 30 of my favorite training methods.


The longer the better Christian, please don’t hold back :smiley:

I can’t wait to learn even more from you. Every since i’ve been applying your strategies on nutrition and training based on your neurotyping series, my motivation, mood and results got so much better.

I just feel like knowing how to properly implement training methods depending on the training goal, training experience and nature of the training session (volume, intensiveness, intensity) too prevent training burnout is the last piece to the puzzle in achieving the best results possible.

I’m very eager to read your finished product coach, thank you for doing this!