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AccuMeasure 3000

I’ve just got my hands on a AccuMeasure 3000 bodyfat caliper. Anyone else here use one? The only thing I don’t like about this is the big jump in BF as your age increases. I’m 26yo now and according to my skinfold measurement i’m 12.7% BF. If I used 25yo I would be 11.6% BF which is closer to what I suspect. I’ve previously used 3 point measurement done by a trainer of a gym I used to attend. Is there an easy way to take more measurement points by yourself with one of these?

So noone else has one of these?

[quote]blaque.ops wrote:
So noone else has one of these?[/quote]

I have one, I don’t bother with the chart because the younger you are, the less bf you hold. As long as the measurement is consistantly in the same place and the number on the caliper is decreasing I’m happy.

There’s no other easy way to track body fat that I know of. Pinching several sites on your body (doing it yourself) is hard to be accurately consistent with as you need to stand straight and relaxed.

You can try measuring your waist around the belly button to get a consistent measurment. Try it every other week.

i have it…i don’t use their chart, i look for the 7 and 3 point methods online using it, and that’s a much more accurate reading.

I have one… haven’t used it in AGES though… I usually get someone else to do it for me…

Mine said I was 9.4… I THINK I’m a little more then that though… I guessed 10 - 11%… but that’s with ONE area tested…

I’ll see if I can do a 3 point one…

Ok… the 3 point one has me @ 8.4%… Geezus… Like I’m lean… but geez… You can see my abs when I flex… but unflexed they aren’t there… VERY strange…

I guess they are handy for a quick reference, at my last gym someone could do a 3 point measurement for me. Is it difficult to do a 3 point measurement on yourself?

Naw… just google 3 point caliper test