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Accu-measure vs Tanita

I have a Tanita scale which I use for Body weight and it’s fairly accurate for weight - but for BF% it keeps telling me 25-26%.

Using Accumeasure I am around 14%


Which should I go by?

Tanita Scale:

The Tanita is only good for relative readings. The accu measure and using something like http://www.mybodycomp.com will give you a pretty good idea.

Well I purchased the AccuMeasure digital caliper last week just to find out that my BF% ranged between 14 and 23 in five consecutive measures… I guess I should professionalize my measures before I start benefit from this nice tool. Otherwise I’d agree with super that the Tanita and similar scales are no good; I once made an experience to prove that my gym’s Tanita was worthless: Weighed myself with it, then drank a bottle of water and then reweighed. Came out that my LBM went up by 2 pounds or so (understandable but problematic), and my FAT MASS wend down by a pound. How’s that for a T-Dawg 3.0 diet?

Digdis, Tanita scales read BF% through bioelectrical impedance.

Basically it reads the electrical current in your body, and works on the principle that muscl conducts electricity better than fat.

There are a few guidelines to get an accurate reading:

Don’t have food, caffeine, alcohol or substantial ammounts of water prior to BF% reading. Water conducts electricity pretty well just as muscle does, and as such it WILL cause a considerably lower reading.

That’s one of the basic guidelines, and I would assume itd be written under the instructions sheet of the scale you purchased.

I guess not.

The tanita is useless for measuring bodyfat levels. I’ve lost 42 pounds of scale weight, and it still tells me the same bodyfat level as when I started.

So then it’s f**k all use for even relative Body Fat as well …

I also have a Tanita scale. I havent compared my current state with anything other than the tanita scale, but based on previous caliper measurements and my body then and now, I believe the Tanita is fairly accurate…BEFORE YOU JUMP ALL OVER ME HERE IS THE KICKER.

For those that are fit (classified as “athletes” by tanita) the scales have to have the appropriate “ATHLETE” mode. The first scale that I bought did not have the athlete mode and I rang in at 16.5-17% BF. The athlete setting on the new scale that I have brings me in at a much more believeable 9-10%.

Not a plug for this company…(actually medrhino had the best price with free shipping)

Non-Athlete Model 679

Athlete Model 680