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Accruing Volume During Warm-Ups/Off Days to Target a Weakness

Coach, this post by @Sigil

Together with Dave Tate’s Powerlifting Warm-up had me thinking about ways to bring up my weak link in arguably most movements, which are my quads. Ideally I’d like to do something as part of my warm-ups to not skimp on it, and also include as I warm-up for climbing. What’s a good option? I’m betting Pistol Squats are too skill-oriented, but my hunch might be wrong.

In case anyone asks,

Circuit of

HLR/Bent-knee HLR
Pulldown abs
Face pulls
Low row
GHR/inverse leg curl
Bent knee raises

On that note check this out as well https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/14190929

Towards end CT illustrated how band work (pumping/feeding) and isometrics can be done on off days / warmups etc.to extend anabolic period / gains without desensitizing beta adrenergic or causing recovery issues.

I will take that as greenlight to do some ring isometric work (band supported) on off days or warmups :laughing:

Pistols/skill work seems very much recoverble…

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Recoverable, certainly, but I’m looking for something that’ll benefit my quads more than build my pistol skill.

Preferably a functional movement that’s easy to do as part of a warm-up, meaning that it requires no equipment or bands, so that it gets done.

This was what drove my thinking towards pistol squat, combined with that I often - when rock climbing - have to step-up so I’m on just the one leg stepping up from essentially ATG-depth. Ideally it’d be something that strengthens the quad through this complete range of motion, but I admit that a rock face usually has one doing this movement toward the side (femur not pointing forward) and rather than emulate it entirely I’m guessing the best bet is something that simply builds the quad through a long range of motion. Maybe shrimp squats. Or alternate between shrimp and pistols. Coach has a big toolbox though, and I’m probably missing obvious candidates.

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You have a sled?

Nope, in the gym there’s a piece of equipment that’s akin to a prowler and there’s a loop that I’ve sometimes added an elastic band with handles (picture is not a perfect representation)


To make a “sled”. A lot of force dissipates in the the band but I can envision a work around. I have a speed jumping rope that I could use instead.

I suppose your suggestion is backwards sled drags?

Also, how do you know your weakness is quads?

In the squat, when weights become heavy, my torso tilts forward

I’ve more than once noticed that when I’m on a hard boulder problem and need to slowly step up to not lose my balance that it’s borderline that I’m not strong enough and the muscle that “screams” is the quad on the leg being used so I’d like some excess capacity

And I’ve been told from people that have lent an eye in the gym.