Accountability Partner

So I am really struggling to get my other half to workout with me or atleast be on the healthy lifestyle. I go shopping and buy lots of fruits and veggies lean meats, ect. however, he goes shopping and comes home with doritos, fritos, candy… Any one have advice on how to get him working out with me or just being healthier? I dont want to be an asshole about it.

Honestly, you can’t make someone want to do it unless they at least have some motivation on their own… perhaps by seeing you make progress and enjoy the results he might become more willing?



Pssshh, shame and guilt are your best friends in this scenario.


You can lead a horse to water…
I was in your shoes for years with my wife. She was always naturally thin and always felt it was a waste of time. After 2 kids and 25 years of time catching up to her she didn’t like the way she looked anymore and she decided to make a change. I started training her 5 years ago and she has stuck with it to my surprise and looks better at 60 than she did when she was 40!
She is an absolute beast in the gym.
Bottom line is THEY must do it for themselves.

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