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Accountability for Success-Training Log

          My Story
 I have been reading T-Nation from 2004 now.It has been a long time indeed.I read almost all the articles and what they have to offer.But unfortunately i have not applied any knowledge,partly because of motivation,partly because of training environment,parents not responding well etc. I do not have enough motivation to exceed 3 or 4 workouts in a row and my body shows that.

I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and only 132 pounds.I am from India and the part I live in do not know anything about proper training,nutrition. Supplementation is looked so must hated that if a person gets a good body he is called ‘supplement body’.

I went to several gyms but it was never beyond one or 2 weeks.The reason is that when I deadlifted or squated they would tell me why are you wasting your time doing these lower body exercises.They do not do any lower body exercise. When I wrote on a training log they would laugh. if I tell them doing endless amount of bench presses and barbell curls is of no use they laugh at me.To make story short gym is not ideal for me to go. I trained at home but it was of no use as I did not last for more than 1 or two weeks.

At the end of 2007 I was 124 pounds. Then a friend of mine got interested in bodybuilding and he and I lifted at a my home. He made me know the importance of accountability. Whenever he came I trained. But if he did not come I skipped training. We completed the Waterbury method,TBT,and other programs.Since my accountability was only training I failed in nutrition.I gained only 8 pounds from 8 months of training. Now my training partner is away due to exams and it has been around 15 days since I have trained.

So I am writing a training and nutrition log to make my self accountable and hopefully I will achieve success.
I will post before pics tomorrow along with the program I will be on.

      More Information:
Supplements are so heavily priced that I as a student cannot afford them.
I will write a detailed log of whatever I eat be it failure or success so that I do not get off track for more than 1 day.

I also have a problem of getting up late so I will also track my wake up and sleeping time.

Anyone who will track my progress will be highly appreciated by me.