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Sob story:

I have been lurking here for years. I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge that transformed my body from a ffb to a 6'2 ,225 ,18 in. arms 8% body fat, machine. I was looking to finally compete in a BB competition. Then cancer took my best friend, my father, and I almost lost it and of cource quit training and dieting.

This happened 4 years ago and I have shot up to a very fat 265 lbs. Off and on I tried to get motivated with no success. My workout partner moved. My old gym shut down. And I feel like I am alone.

I am attempting again to tranform my physique and resume my disciplined lifestyle.

Right now I'm doing Reg Park's 5x5 with cardio on the off days. ( 2 weeks in so far)

My diet is 6 meals a day, less than 80 carbs. And a balance of fat and protein.i.e. red meat. eggs, ect

I'm not here for sympathy. I'm here to get accountability and training advice.



You've done it once before, it should all come back easier this time around. Get to it, brother.


After posting this yesterday I watched Pumping Iron and then hit the gym. I just hope that I can stick with it long enough to develop a habit. Sucks big time having to train alone.

Thanks for the encouragement!


The Iron is a great cure for mild depression



I don't think i could ever stop. Even a week off i start to get lathargic and depressed
To OP that sucks but you'll overcome and you know what to do to get back to where you want to be. Best of luck


You know where you were at so you know where you can be if you keep up the training. The Ronnie Coleman video's are awesome and very inspirational. So is Dorian Yates blood and guts. Get them off Netflix. Keep at it. For me, once I saw progress I didn't mind going alone. I actually prefer most days. Hitting the weights with intensity is enough entertainment for me. I'll save the "check out those tit's talk" for another time.


FTR, I believe there is always a quick second to point out a nice pair of breasts or nice buttocks to a friend. Dare I say, it would be rude to not point them out.


I agree that would be a offended if a great piece of ass got past me without being pointed out. It's the 5 minute discussion that follows about what we'd do to said piece of ass that derails me.


VERY bad for the body, especially the brain.

Anyways good luck to you.


what makes you say that it is bad for the body? eskimos and other ancient civilizations lived with very few/no carbs long ago and they didn't have any drastic side effects.

once the body adapts to the lower carbs, things should be fine. the brain can adjust to burn fat for fuel as opposed to carbs.


I really do not have any good excuses either. I work a 24 hr shift and have 3 days off. Plenty of time to train. I am scared to eat too much for fear of getting even fatter and at the same time I am trying to get my strength back I fear I may be eating to little. I am at 2200 calories a day. Any suggestions?

And occasionally there is a nice piece of ass or two at my gym.


That's a great starting point, with emphasis on the starting point. See how your progress is over the next month or so at this level and adjust accordingly. You've done this before, there is no reason you can't do it again and every reason you should do it again.


Please don't add that retarded shit to this thread


Maybe i should have stated for long periods of time. It is recommend that adults consume atleast 120g of carbs per day to maintain sufficient brain function. I'm not saying the body will not adapt but less than 80g of carbs is by no means healthy.


Ok Dr. Stuntman... How about you be a test subject.


i'm not trying to start a fight with you angus, but what exactly do you mean by "long periods of time"? like if someone did a 24 week prep using a keto diet? does refeeding/cheat meals count as breaking up this "long period of time"?


I believe there's more than few test subjects on this site already.


It's cool man, we're just here to share ideas. "Long periods" is relative to the individual. Yes cheat days does break it up.

In response to the keto diets, studies have should people who remained on low carb diets such as the Atkins diet do tend to have reduced brain function, but thats after being on it for years.

The OP didn't go into detail with his diet other than stating he consumes 80g. He may have cheat days and all that stuff but i was solely addressing the 80g. It just always grabs my attention when i see people consuming that little so i just stated my opinion based on my knowledge.


OP-I have been there man. Fat to lean and back again. It sucks. Here's my advice:
Reg Park 5x5 is great, cardio on the off days is great. I think you may be going too low on your carbs. You are in this for the long haul and a keto diet is a very effective short term strategy. Save a true keto diet for the last 20lbs so you will have something in your arsenal. A low carb high protien diet is a better strategy now. Try adding carbs until you are getting 200grams carbs. Eat carbs first thing in the morning and pre and post workout only. Then you have to stop focusing on your appearance at all. Use strength training days to get stronger, do not worry about looking full or pumped. Just enjoy getting stronger. On Cardio shoot for an effort you can maintain for an hour while wishing for death during the last 10-15 minutes. Weigh yourself everyday upon waking and write it down.

Weighing yourself daily and documenting it will be crucial. Progress wont be visible for a while so you need those numbers to prove to yourself your progressing. Save HIIT for when you plateau. Finally make your workouts a no compromise habit six days a week. Fuck anything besides your immediate family and job that tries to make you miss even a single workout. Then accept that it is going to take a long time and plug away for months. If your strength improves and your weight goes down do not change ne thing. I have done this myself.

The hardest part I think is that results are not visible for a long time. (You can drop a volkwagon off the titanic and no one will notice the titanic is lighter). If friends and coworkers don't ask you why you are eating wierd, then you have not changed your diet and portions sufficiently. Eating is an instant gratification style treatment for depression and the iron game is a long term, healthful treatment. Check out my post in "how does T-Nation train" forum and you'll see I know my shit on this subject. Good luck man.


Man, take the mirrors and the scales and throw them in the dumpster....you know what to eat, you know how to lift....hit it for 90 days then weigh and look at yourself. You have already said you are fearful of getting fat..therefore cannot see it, cannot weigh it..it does not exist. Just remember two words everyday when you get out of bed and when you feel challenged "PUSH FORWARD"