Accountability-A Training Log

Hello all. I?ve been wandering through my workouts over the last few months and it?s time to get strong again. I?m kinda chubby, but I feel better when I?m big and my gf likes me when I look like a bear, so strength gain without weight gain is my goal. I?m really weak, definitely in the shit stage, so my focus is on strength gains in the Front Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press.

The last two years were spent learning the proper execution of the o-lifts and, though I?m by NO means a master, I?m now more comfortable with these lifts and my flexibility, posture, and explosiveness are much improved.


Height: 74 inches
Weight: 238
Bf: don?t care
Deadlift: 4252
FS: 275
Bench: 235*5

FUTURE STATE-goals for end of first 4 week cycle

Height: same
Weight: 238 or below, 225 is my ideal, but I?d settle for not gaining any weight
Bf: again, I don?t give a rat?s ass
Deadlift: 4502
FS: 295
Bench: 295*2


I really want to increase my max?s in the o-lifts and I have a hunch that by focusing on getting stronger on these ?power? lifts that my o-lifts will jump up if I keep using my warmups to practice technique. With that in mind, I need to periodically max on the o-lifts, but this is getting to be too much planning and I?ll make that part up as I go along.

I also find that when I pick a goal I tend to obsess over it, but if I focus on some peripheral yet complimentary goal that the main goal increases without any mental effort (this doesn?t just apply to lifting btw).


Lift three times per week with this structure:

Warmup-C&J or snatch (alternate each wo, full o-lifts NOT power versions) start with bar and work up to a semi-heavy (for me) single, these warm me up really well and get my CNS firing for the heavy stuff to come

Main Lift-Bench, Dead, or FS using Dan John?s OLAD progression…

Week 1?7 x 5
Week 2—6 x 3
Week 3—5-3-2
Week 4—off or reduced intensity

Other Stuff- whatever I feel like with reps in the 6-8 range, mainly to focus on weaknesses (external rotators, abs, triceps), maybe some high rep back squats here

Non-lifting days- do something to be active and get sweaty and have fun, preferably outside


This is a typical day:

Ground Sirloin
4 whole eggs, two whites
Half a cup of coffee and half a bowl of cereal that my gf didn?t want to finish

2 scoops protein powder
Huge spoonful of natural peanut butter

Whole wheat pita pocket
Stir fry veggies

2 scoops protein
Huge spoonful natural peanut butter
Frozen blueberries

Olive oil
a cookie and part of a granola bar that my gf made me eat (I told you she likes me big)

2 scoops protein
Whipped cream
6 fish oil caps

Lots of green tea and water throughout, usually a Power Drive pre-workout

Alcohol only on the weekends

p.s. I’m going to my parent’s house for a b-day celebration this weekend and my mom likes to cook the worst sh*t imaginable, especially these toffe bar brownies, and I’ll probably be getting drunk a couple of times.

Tuesday?s workout (6 Mar ?07):

Clean and jerk up to 175

185 x 5
205 x 5
215 x 5
225 x 5
205 x 5
225 x 5
235 x 5

Easy intervals on bike and a one mile walk

Yesterday (8 Mar ?07):
Played basketball with my gf and kicked it around the yard like a soccer ball for about 30 minutes (got really sweaty)

Today?s planned workout:
Snatches up to 135 or 145

Deadlift 6 x 3
I?d like to hit 405 on my last set


I became obsessed with strength and bb in high school and have never lost the fire. I did a bb comp in ?98 and prepared for another in ?02. I built a 405 bench and a 585 dead in the process (I know these are web numbers, so give them what credibility you will), but I had to get up to over 270 bw to get those.

I?ve tried to talk myself out of this lifting game so many times, but life?s bullshit just seems to overwhelm me when I?m not lifting heavy and I feel that the journey makes me a better person. I?m just going to keep lifting in its place and not let it consume me this time. A few percent bodyfat is not worth the toll that strict dieting takes on my relationships, but strength is something I can work on in just 3-4 hours a week without having to be a chode at mealtime.

Thanks to T-Nation for this space and to anyone who takes time to read and post encouragement, comments, or questions. I?ll make a new post after every workout.


Sorry about the ? thing.

i’m looking forward to seeing this develop, good luck mate.

Today’s workout:

several with the bar to warmup
several with 95
switched to power
notes: these didn’t feel great today, the jump under the bar on the second pull was a bit off

315 x 3
335 x 3
365 x 3
385 x 3
405 x 3
365 x 3
415 x 3
notes: these felt really good today, the 415 set exceeded my goal and I could’ve gone heavier

-snatch grip RDL—3 x 6 with 225
-pulldowns—3 x 8 with 80 lbs
-one arm DB row with one hand behind back—3 x 6 (each hand) 70 ld db
-several sets of facepulls with rope
-barbell curl supersetted with db hammer curl until I got a pump