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According to my Calculations...

Wait, let me check this.

No, this can’t be right.

(scribbling frantically)

Well, let’s see. There’s a huge box in my living room… six new T-mag/Biotest T-shirts in the washer… twelve canisters of various supplements on my counter… and one GIANT dopey grin on my face.

There’s only one possible conclusion.

I am the winner.

Dan “T-mag been very very good to me” McVicker

You lucky fucker.

Congratulations to:

Dan “He just raided the store” McVicker

Nice going Dan. Now go put those supps. to good use!

Congratulations, Dan “You Lucky Prick” McVicker

Dan cheated!

(kidding, congratulations)

Dan “who did you blow to win” McVicker

Hey, at least you guys can say that this had nothing to do with any sort of ability. Just pure luck!

So it had nothing to do with the fact that I’m the best-looking, smartest, and funniest T-mag poster… as well as the
luckiest. This is the third thing I’ve won since I started posting on T-mag about 10 months ago.

  1. Fitone gave me his place in the Mike Mahler/Chris Thibeadeau workshop–for winning (ironically) an essay-writing contest. It helps that only two other people entered, and one of them had to drop out and endorsed me.

  2. I won a sweet Hot-Rox Nalgene water bottle. Pure luck on that one.

  3. I raided the store… insane luck on that one. I have no idea how many entered.

I’m going to have to stop entering, before I win “last place” in something and have to dress in a French Maid’s outfit and clean TC’s house. I shudder when I think about the “Real Sheep” under his bed. That’s one eMail I don’t look forward to getting from Shugs.

What’s the lesson in this to everyone? Keep entering the contests, and check out the new “T-Jack” forum… you can win some free shwag, too!

Okay, sorry. Just trying to make you feel better. I’ll stop now.

Dan “Longshot” McVicker

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer g… oh, hell!

Screw being a gracious loser!

250 at 6’1" and 20% BF? We’d better see those numbers changing soon, or we’re all coming after you and raiding the house for what you aren’t using!


Congrats to the most hated man on the T-mag Forum.

(Envy is my third favorite sin.)

That’s just wrong.Congrats!


Congrats Dan “I now have no excuses not to make incredible gains” McVicker.

There has been a mistake. Please forward half of your shit to my house immediately to avoid any further action taken. T-Jack is the name. Jacking fools is the game

congrats dan “i hate to conceed but i’m glad the stuff went to a quality forum poster rather than a lurker or a jerk…er” mcvicker.


Big changes are planned. I’ve kidnapped John Berardi and Chad Waterbury (do you know how much horse tranq it takes to keep those guys in line? A lot. Makes the supplements pale in comparison). I’ve been “interviewing” them for their secrets. Nonstop. For the last week.

Give me a few weeks… there will be updates.

Dan “Torture isn’t funny… or is it?” McVicker

Congrats Dan “who works for t-nation” McVicker. Conspiracy I say, it’s all a conspiracy