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Accomodating resistance for hypertrophy

I read somewhere that when you add bands to a bar that it adds extra tension to the muscle your training and different positions of the lift. And as Christian says high tension is important for gains in muscle mass, and adding bands would also increase the time under tension because you would not be able to move the bar as fast during the cocentric phase but it would still be helping you with explosiveness because you have to accelerate through the entire range of motion. So wouldnt adding bands be great way to gain functional hypertrophy using reps from say 4 to 6? Does this sound like it would work or does it sound way off??

It sure would and it sure dose!

You can try a few different methods but I think the best approach is to use weights between 35-55% of your max.
Try to to move the far as fast as possible while staying under control.
If you wanted to create more tension use a 2-4 sec eccentric phase.
The rep range can be adjusted to your goals. I have only messed around with this briefly myself but if your trying to press fast 10-15 reps may be inorder.
If you use a slow eccentric 5-8reps may be more effective.

Rep work with bands will wipe your ass out and leave you gasping for air.
Try 20-30 reps of squats with green bands.

I just thought of something horrifying imagine using bands while doing German Volume training? OUCH!!!

Bands are also great to attatch to hammer equiptment!

One last note: attatch a purple band to the cam of a leg curl. Have him stand a few feet away with the band around his feet. This will eliminate the faulty strength curve of a leg curl or atleast change the strength curve.


JackAss: I’ve read that band and chain training is very taxing. When you train with accomodating resistance using bands do you use them workout after workout or only 1 out of 2 like poliquin reccomends?

Using them all the time will kill you for sure. Use them as a tool like anything else. Once a week per exercise for 3-4 weeks would be ok. Then take a few weeks off from it. You could also go every other week.