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Accommodations for Orlando Seminar

Just curious as to where everyone is staying for the seminar? The Raddison Plaza is quite pricey but maybe worth it if everyone else will be there. Please post where you are staying if you will be in attendance. Thanks.

I’ll be there racer. I’m staying at the hotel. $99 a night with the Biotest price discount. I have a sweet king-sized suite waiting for me!

I’ll be staying there as well. It is expensive, but since the seminar is in the hotel it will make it very convenient. I’m flying in from quite a distance and will take a shuttle from the airport to the hotel so I won’t have to rent a car. Gettin’ stoked!

Are there still openings for the seminar? I’d really like to go if I can get my schedule worked out. It would sure be nice to put some names with the faces on here.

The Raddison.

teddykgb: Give Billy a call at 1.888.256.2727 and see if there are spots left. You do not want to be left out in the cold, so to speak!

Sig & Nate Dogg: Can you give me more details about the shuttle from the airport to the Raddison Plaza hotel? I was going to just catch a cab but if there is a shuttle that will probably be much better. Please tell me as much as you can about it. Do they have a homepage to where I can look up their schedule? If so, and you know it, hopefully the moderators will let you post it. Thanks!

Depending on how far the hotel is from the airport(I haven’t looked it up on mapquest yet), a lot of the bigger hotels have free shuttles. However, if they don’t you can usually find a shuttle bus that will save you money over a cab. This is based on my past experience traveling. I’m not going to worry about it until I get to the orlando Airport.

I’ve been kind of procrastinating on the whole deal. Flight’s booked,and I’ve paid for the seminar but Goddamn! Billy quoted me 109.00 a night. At three nights that’s a bit spendy. I thought about staying at a Motel 6 for the first two nights and then spending Sat. night at the Raddison. Billy said the hotel is close to the heart of the downtown party scene. Not that I would do that sort of thing…

I have no idea about the shuttle thing. I’m sure you can get one from the airport. If not, you can take a taxi.

I’ll be driving to Orlando, as it’s only an hour and a half drive for me. You can check out the Radisson online or call 407-313-6035 for reservations. Biotest price is $99 a night.

I will be staying at the Raddison as well. Renting a car because I am making a vacation out of it.

i had made reservations at another hotel for about $20 cheaper a night, but then i figured i might as well just stay at the radisson. when i called to try to make the reservations though they told me that the $99 rate was only good until jan 11th and that it was too late to get that rate. the guy told me to try the actual hotel tomorrrow (i called the 1 800 # because the actual hotel desk was allready closed) and he said they might still honor the discount rate, so hopefully that will work out, if not i guess i will stay at the other hotel. not a big deal though, i can’t really imagine there would be any other real advantages to staying there rather than another hotel or is there? i better not miss out on the necked chicks because of this!

Orlando is one of the few cities (Vegas is another)that has surplus hotel rooms available at a discount. Go to Expedia or Travelocity, look for a “Discount Orlando Hotel Rooms” button. Most of these are near Disney, but I saw at least one around downtown for $49. You would probably have to rent a car, but those are also cheap in Florida and you could get a room and car for less than the Radisson. I’m considering taking the family and letting them do Disney while I’m at the seminar - of course, I work for an airline, so I don’t have to pay airfare.

Guess I’m the cheap one here (no surprise to those that know me). I’m staying at the downtown Holiday Inn. It’s $15/night cheaper than the best rate I could get at the Radisson. It’s just over a mile from the Rad, and I figure I can use the difference toward whatever tapes/books/stuff they’ll be selling.

I’m driving from Miami and since I’m a broke medical student I may be staying in my truck. Hopefully I’ll find reasonable accomadations so if anyone has any other info please post.

I also wanted to mention that I got a courtesy call from Billy at Biotest about the seminar. He mentioned that he would be sending out some info. that detailed who would be speaking and the general outline of the seminar. I was wondering if anyone had received this info. yet and if so what it says. Thanks.