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Accidentaly Took 100mcg Clen First Day

My friend ran out of pct adn we both did a basic cycle of test 2 for 12 weeks at 500mg.
well when he ran out of pct before i did he asked to take a doasage of mine!
well to sum it up he acciadentaly took the bottle that was 200mcg per ml of clen!

he took a half ml because my nolvadex is 50 per ml, only aiming for 20mg for his last finish.
Nothing has happend yet but he has never had clen before! any tips and advice??
btw its “extreme peptide” so all their bottle look EXACTLY the same!!

My mistake i was trying to type fast. *test e for 12 weeks

If nothing happen yet I’m sure he will be fine

yeah hes just shaking like a crack head lol its been about two hours. thanks man!

lol thats clen for ya. major jitters. I have no idea how to mellow it out keep an eye on BP and heart rate. if it gets to crazy go to a hospital

meh… he’ll be fine, no worries…