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Accidentally Viral


So a friend of mine came across this on tumblr yesterday and recognized it. http://playfulconversation.tumblr.com/post/35168859394/this-is-literally-the-greatest-post-on-tumblr

I wrote this last November, and it sparked a good conversation on my Facebook page. One of my friends shared it on reddit, and I guess it's gotten around since then. A lot of people commented at the time that it sounded made up, but the story is 100% true.

Anyway, I know Nards has had videos that have blown up on the interwebz, particularly the one of the girl on the treadmill. Has anybody else had this happen? Did you get any credit for it, or did someone else claim it as their own?


You know you did not put that out there on the interwebz. I did!!!


oh man, I'm caught!

runs away


Looks like your FB post was more successful than your thread.


MTV contacted me about the treadmill video and I'm still waiting for the cheque. Only $100US but it would be sweet.

I have one of my dog videos that is over 650,000 views. No offers on that though.

I keep getting messages on youtube from people saying they want to monetize my videos but I don't know how to do that or even care; I think it would end up bringing in a whole $4 a month or some dumb shit like that.


Nards, for some reason, you and Spock81 come across as female/male versions of each other sometimes, to me.

Then I just realized you're both Canadian.


Wait, I think you're Canadian, Nards. No? Am I confusing you with someone else?





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I was born in Ottawa on the 2nd of July, without daylight's savings time I would have been born on the first...Canada Day.

Then i lived in England for 8 years then moved back to Canada but to Winnipeg and now live in Taiwan and have lived here for 12 years, so I speak Mandarin with a Winnipeg/slight Kent accent.


And Spock81 is small potatoes compared to me when it comes to Trek at least.


Ya, but we can go head to head on back to the future :stuck_out_tongue:


My 15 yo started talking to me about TOS and how cool the Enterprise is.

I excused myself, went to the basement and came back with a set of the blueprints that they sold in the 70's of the Enterprise.

He was impressed.


Nards it easy! Go to your account settings and add the monetization option! They pay around $5/1000 views. So you could be up $3200!


Nope you are right the are both from the great white north of maple syrup and snow


Before I posted above I was thinking this thread was about STDs.

Thought someone had a burning sensation. I was a little let down.


The easy way to tell is every Canadian's post smells like maple syrup.


Are you serious??!


Bro are you serious, some people LIVE off of their Youtube channels. 650k views is quite a lot of views - do some research and get paid son.