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Accidentally Took Extra Dosage

This may sound stupid but today I went to inject my 40mg EOD dosage (cypionate) and the needle wasn’t on tight enough… you would think that they would be right out of the package but apparently I need to be checking this every time (new guy). When I hit the plunger, I’m not sure how much I got in when it disconnected and spilled out the remaining on my leg. I think it was about 5-10mg but it could have been 20mg… I wasn’t paying attention. I cleaned up and did a 2nd injection of ~35mg. So I could have potentially injected 15mg more than I should have today. But I may not have… I just don’t know. Is that going to be a problem if I did? Thank you.



You’ll live! But seriously, that will be just a little blip in the long run.

Have you considered going to a one-piece insulin syringe? This type of problem will never occur again since the needle is attached to the syringe.

I agree … do this. None left in the needle and no chance of spill.

I injected .15mL extra once and got a rash, chills and anxiety for about a week + golfball size acne…

Just kidding :wink:
That didn’t actually happen. You probably won’t notice a single thing. You’ll be fine.

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Don’t be surprised if your 1 rep max in your bench press goes up by 30 pounds. That extra T makes a huge difference.

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Ded by morning


Hmmmm, back in the day, one of my friends was giving me my injection and it was his first time. I hadn’t graduated to giving them to myself, none of us were at the time. I was taking a 2cc, 400mg injection. He gave it, pulled it out and asked how it was. “Great, I didn’t feel a thing.” I looked at the syringe, he only injected half of it. What do you think I did? Yep, you’re not sticking me again for only 1cc, load that sucker up again and use the other hip. So, 600mg that week, an extra 200mg. You’ll be fine.

What I’d give to hear all your war stories with this stuff.

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I think he did die.

I know, and there are a lot of them. Whenever some of us get together, we end up with very sore abs the next day after laughing so hard. Those were fun times.

Speaking of extra doses, I just finished my first 10ml bottle of test cyp (100mg/ml) and had exactly 2ml extra. At that rate, in 5 yrs I’ll have enough extra to go on a blast …ha ha.

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I’d love to hear those as well