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Accidentally Reused Needle/Syringe- Meds Ruined?

I pin with 28g needles IM in my delt for TRT, and 31g subQ for HCG. Today after my T shot, I picked up my used 28g syringe for my HCG instead of grabbing the new 31g. Realized before I injected, but pushed the HCG back into the vial.

Have I contaminated my HCG just by drawing up the medicine and pushing it back into the vial?

Appreciate any insight!

If it’s contaminated, it would be from the syringe penetrating the seal on the container. The contaminants would be on the outside of the used needle, not the inside.

Technically yes, it is contaminated. However, I assume you are using bacteriostatic (preserved) injection saline to reconstitute your HCG. Right? That gives it some buffering capacity to handle small loads of microbial contamination. If you keep it well refrigerated, you should be fine, but watch for any cloudiness that may develop and/or unusual irritation at the injection site.