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Accidentally Hit a PR


Came home draggin' ass. Deadlift day, last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym after work. Slammed my pre workout shake, got ready and headed into the gym. Wasn't really pumped at all, but had to get it done.

Got in and realized that I forgot my workout log. Great...at least I had looked at it earlier and knew what I wanted to do. Start out at 285, then try for 290. (I still have a ways to go, but that's why we're at the gym).

Warm up, weights are feeling pretty good.

Do 275 for 1 just as a final warmup.

Then I forget how to add and put on another 10 + 2.5 on each side.

Hit what I "think" is 285 for 4. DAMN that was f'ing heavy.
Hit it again, but only get a single. Now I am just PISSED.
Wait about 30 seconds and hit it for a double, triple just doesn't happen. And I am like WTF, I hit 285 last week and now I am struggling...

At this point my brain kicks in and I realize that I just did 300 for 4, a single, a double. I'd never hit that weight before ever.

So I hit it for 2 more doubles (triple just didn't happen, yes I tried again).


i say good on ya


Yep. The deadlift is a very mental lift. If you have a good attitude, and believe you can do it, you can grind through weights that you'd usually quit on. I had this problem with deadlifting too, and i think that most people who have this problem don't know how to strain. You KNEW you should get this weight for reps, and you weren't about to give up on it. All your deadlifts have to be with that mindset.


yes, agreed... but not just with dead lifts, all lifts have a very large mental aspect to them, if im doing db bench press and i think i cant do it, then i might not even get the dumbells up for the first rep.


I did that last week. Tried to squat 165 (yes dinky sorry), failed, and thought "I'll just take off some weight." I forgot to take off the weight and cranked out 3x5.
What we really need is people to put weight on the bar without telling us how much.


thats still a good weight AlisaV, more than most of the others (MEN!) at my gym :wink:


I'm envisioning midgets tip-toeing around the gym with dimes in their little fingers, poised and waiting for you to take a drink of water. :slight_smile:


I think the biggest thing that I took away from this experience was just because you are feeling unmotivated at the time (note I said I was draggin' ass when I got home, it was a long day at work), your body can still get it done. The reason I did go the gym, my motivation so to speak, was that it is not a want, it is not an option, I absolutely have to get my workouts in. The desire to be stronger got my ass in gear.

The other important lesson was that AFTER I realized that I put on more weight than I thought, instead of lowering the weight I just keep using it. Sometimes we just need to push ourselves to try new, heavier weight.

If we don't keep pushing ourselves, if we stagnate then we might as well just quit. My wife thinks I am nuts, I just said I need to be better today than I was yesterday.

AlisaV, that's sweet, nice job!


I've done a mistake opposite of that! lol I loaded the bar to 275lbs (I thought I did) but forgot a 25lbs on one side. It felt so heavy cuz I brain thought it was 275lbs when it was actually 250lbs with one side heavier than the other.


good job.


our muscles can lift a lot more than we give them credit for; strength is mostly neural. The problem is with tricks like that is that you can't plan them. Otherwise I'd be tricking myself every day in the gym.


I once fucked up the math on my deadlifts and immediately added fifty pounds with no issues, and only realized after I had done a few sets. It really is a very mental lift.


My theory is it was a hormonal thing. Just a theory though. Maybe your just getting stronger. WIth back though, I think it's easy to misinterperet what is relatively "heavy." One week ago I was using 50 lbs for DB rows, and now I'm up to 65. ONE WEEK. Congrats either way


I have to agree, it is definitely mental. I hope to hit a lot of my goals about 2 months early. Guess I will just ramp the goals up. Hitting these accidentaly make me push even harder on regular workouts knowing that the body can take it, the mind if just putting up barriers.


I had a psychological block about squatting more than 315. I could get 315 for 5 or 6 good clean reps (this is back when I was like 19 or 20), but could never get any at 320 even. One day I did 275 for several, then for some reason my friend and I threw another 25 on each side and I cranked off like 6. I didn't realize what I had done til the set was over. Felt great


I have done something similar once after recovering from a bad flu. I guess I needed more recovery than I thought. Good stuff man.


I've done that before too. I always think (and still do) for some reason.
A bar (45lb) + 35's = 105lbs. FOR SOME REASON I have this stuck in my head always. The other night I was like okay I'll do 105 for 10 cause I haven't done BB curls in a very long time.
Well I forgot that it actually equals 115.
Felt good.