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Accidentally got Creatine in my Protein


I am sure this question is asked millions of times, but here it goes again. So I purchased some Whey Protein, and one day while I was making my shake, I noticed in fine print, saying that creatine is part of the recovery formula that they added.

Now, I hear good things and bad things about creatine, and I am still not sure if I should be worried or not. Some say creatine is harmless when it is not abused, others say creatine is a hardcore kidney killer. Can I get some feedback?


If you eat meat, you consume creatine.


Creatine killed my family.


I can just about promise you that 98% of the "bad things" you've heard about creatine are incorrect. Don't freak out. Take your protein.

And in the meantime, get some learnin' in ya:

Is an actual amount listed? If it only says it in fine print, there's a chance that's it's a negligible amount anyway, and doesn't require the level of stress it took you to even consider typing this out.

Out of curiosity, are there any other supplements in your "whey protein" other than, um, whey protein (and creatine)?


Yes dumb people say this kind of thing alot.


All the fine print says is:

Recovery Blend 18g

(Creatine Monohydrate, Taurine, L-Glutamine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine)

Thanks alot for all the quick responses by the way, the articles you linked me really helped.


The blend is basically a few amino acids so that's all fine. It doesn't look like they went with the kitchen sink approach and actually put normal useful basic things in it.

How many grams is the serving size, how many for protein etc.

I typically avoid products that mix many things in like that because you don't know how much you are getting of the smaller ingredients. But that is just my personal preference.

Next time someone says it will destroy your kidneys...ask them how they obtained this info and if they could cite any examples.

Let them huff and puff then walk away.


I guess you could put it in your socks..


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Dude, you got Body Fortress huh? Never get that again, also avoid 6 Star, cheap aspartame containing crap. Don't get your protein at the super market, for a few bucks more (literally a few) you can get some Gold Standard or another far superior product. Then get yourself some quality micronized creatine, 10g a day, your gains will most likely improve signifigantly. Creatine is safe, the only chance it may not be is if you have preexisting kidney problems.



Man this is ridiculous.

Creatine abuse?

Hardcore kidney killer?

Please tell me you are like 13.

I'd hate to ask your opinion on steroid usage.


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Creatine killed my slaughtered my entire village. To me, it was the worst day of my life. To creatine, it was a Tuesday.


Yeah, how stupid of me to be wary of putting things in my body that I am unsure of.



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OP: don't worry about it, as others have expressed in this thread creatine is nothing to be concerned about


creatine is for cheaters...thats what bonds was on. you can't test for it either


Dude, it's creatine lol...maybe do a little research on your own next time


That's what my mom told my dad.