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Accidental Drop in Weight

So I’ve got a meet in just over a month. But in the past two weeks I’ve dropped from 216 to 207 morning weight.

My thoughts for this fucking situation happening are a bit of stress (family death) and travel (to see said family).

Now I’m 13lbs under the 220 that I wanted to be at for this meet and 9lbs away from the top of the 198’s.

What do you guys think I should do here? Cut a few pounds (not incredibly lean right now) and enter at the top of 198 or just try to maintain/gain and stay in the 220s?

I plan on leaning out after the meet anyways, so maybe I should kick start it before?

This fucking sucks.

Eat more. It is likely just water weight and glycogen that you’ve lost.

How is your strength? what are your goals for the meet? 2 hour weigh in?

I’d probably just go 220’s. Like steel nation said you’ll put on some water and glycogen weight fast, and you only lost 9 lbs. Unless you want to win your weight class and feel like you have a better chance at 198, I’d lift at a higher bodyweight and hit bigger numbers.

i’m eating lots more haha.

it’s a large meet i’m doing so i don’t think i’ll be winning much. i just want to move my deadlift PR up. my bodyweight doesn’t really matter that much for me. i hit my pr when i was 25lbs lighter then now.

we’ll see how things go.

Do you wear gear or lift raw? That big of weight change would completely change how everything fits.

If you just want to set a pr dont worry about weight come into the meet fully hydrated and with ample food iw ouldnt worry about dropping more weight at the cost of your pr especially if thats your only goal