Accessory work set/rep config

I have been studying several logs…
Most choose to keep their reps constant and increase the weight through their work sets on accessory movements.

I usually do a warmup set and pick a weight I try to stick with for 3-6sets.
Once I can complete the reps I increase the weight.

What is the rationale behind increasing the weight on successive sets, instead of taking more sets with higher weights?

Nobody really seems to take pirrelpins charts into consideration, ids this bec. they are to much of an generalization?

thx Poul

what type of accessory work are you talking about…bm

[quote]ME Bench Day

Floor Presses w/chains
bar x a bunch
added 2 chains per side
added another chain
added 2 chains per side
355 missed

Incline Press

Decline Tri Ext

Chest Supported Rows
3sets of 12

3sets of 20

Lateral Raises
3sets of 10

Standing Crunches
2sets of 20[/quote]

What I am talking about is the way the reps stays the same on the decline tri ext. but the weight increases on the work sets.

I usually do one or 2 warm-ups and stick to straight weight instead of increasing gradually.

Is what I do inefficient in comparison to what I see done here, or is it just different?

Anything can work for a while. There is nothing wrong with keeping weight constant and increasing reps. Actually in assistance work I like to rotate exercises and/or rep methods every three weeks. I usually opt for keeping reps constant and increasing weight but I also sometimes like to use the opp. method. Use’m all at different times! I am a big fan of CW’s and CT’s strenght methods for assistance work.

Cool snippdawg…
Simply gotta keep it fresh.
Thx for the imput. I simply needed to chek if I was missing something here :slight_smile:
Anybody use EDT methods for assistance work?
Staley reccomends it, but I would think it could easely lead to burnout.

I’ve thought about it, but haven, tried it. Maybe like two 15min pr zones after me/de movement. Or one pr zone in combo with regular work. I think you could avoid burn-out by using this method for only 2-3weeks at a time. The same way you would rotate me movements.

I was thinking about something along those lines…
Won’t hurt trying it out one day…
Staley seems to have got his stuff together…