Accessory Work on BBB

I’m running BBB template and was wondering what everyone did for accessory work. I’m on day two so still trying to find my way through accessory work. I know accessories are whatever but I just wanted to see what people were doing so I can add it to my tool box when planning. So far I have been following the krypteria redux accessory work.

Squat day did dumbbell presses and dumbbell Kirk rows

Today is bench day and I’m doing dumbbell incline press and dumbbell incline rows

Deadlift I might banded tri push downs and curls

Press dumbbell flat bench and band pull aparts or pull ups

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You don’t appear to be doing any single leg/core work.

Check out BBB Beefcake for some pre-built assistance work.

For myself, I like burpee chins as a way to get in pressing, pulling and lower body work

I’ll do chins and dips otherwise, and work them within the supplemental work

I also like kettlebell clean each rep and press as a way to get in single leg/core and upper boyd press all at once.


On squat and deadlift days i do only abs. I do bodyweight squats and burpees and jumping lunges, as well as incline walks and sprints, and stairmaster for conditioning, and also i dont want to grow bigger legs as i am 255lbs as it is and if my legs grow along with my upper body ill be 300lbs when im done and thats just a waste of cardiac resources.

On bench days my assistance is close grip incline supersetted with pronated bent over laterals, and then i do 2 sets of curls supersetted with cable triceps work.
On OHP days assistance is close grip bench supersetted with pronated bent over laterals and same 2 supersets for arms.

Yes I have excluded the single leg/core because in forever he mentions to do 0-25 reps. I believe he also mentions his preference was to skip the single leg/core but I could also have read that wrong or misunderstood what Jim was trying to convey. I will check out the BBB but beefcake

Excluding work when wanting to gain muscle strikes me as an interesting approach.


I was following how it was explained in the forever book. I’m only day two of the first week so adding some stuff in isn’t a big deal. On my squat day I did do a few sets on the ab roller

Excellent: gearing more toward the “25” and less toward “0” will go far.

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I thought you were doing Krypteia? Or was it Starting Strength? Or 531 for beginners? Or Crossfit?

In all seriousness, like most strength templates, 531 relies on you stacking successful cycles on top of each other. You’re not going to figure out what works for you if you don’t actually finish the programs.

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I’ll be adding in more single leg/ core work

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I finished a cycle of krypteria redux and know I’m planning on running BBB for a long time. My plan is to run two cycles of BBB as leaders then a cycle of FSL as an anchor rinse and repeat for a while

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Sounds like a good plan.