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Accessory Work Help!


Hey guys and gals,
This is my first post, I'm a T-Nut at heart, none of this all show no go business, but a scrawny weakling in reality! However, trying to change that. lol.

Bodyweight: 175lbs
Height: 6 foot
Bench: 205lbs
Squat: 260lbs
Deadlift: 280lbs
Rack Pull: 330lbs

Pretty pathetic i know lol.

I train at my university gym... which is poor at best, has one cage, which is lucky.

I train 5x5 basically, bench, squat, deadlift, pullups, military press and rows. Solid compound lifts.

However because im a scrawny weak bastard, i think i need to add a bit more volume to my posterior chain to improve my strength and flexability so i can squat, and pull with better technique and obviously... much more weight!!!

I dont have access to a glute ham machine, or a reverse hyper machine either :frowning: can someone suggest some other exercises which are just as good? I can have a partner help if needed.

I do hyper extentions already.

Thanks T-dawgs and vixens, lets help a skinny bastard out.


Step ups, lunges, side bends both BB and cable, Wood choppers, anything standing and putting weight over your head including presses, squats, and holds. RDL's., R Split Squats, Pull Throughs,

Good lord the list is endless. I would just pick a few GOOD ones for each w/o and vary them to hit different parts. Rember thoguh that the real progress Comes from the meat of the program the few big movements of the day. the rest is just icing and MAY be adding to much.

Hope that helps,


Keep in mind that the Glute-Ham Raise can be done on the floor. You need to find something/someone to hold the back of your ankles and go. You could set a low pin in the power rack and slide you feet under.


Good Mornings and lunges w. the back leg elevated are good. Good mornings strengthen the back in a similar range to squats and the lunges develop hip flexibility.


One word: OVER HEAD SQUATS! Oooops that's 3 words. That will hit all the links in the chain and will let you know which one is the weak link.



Good thinking TNT-CND
Over head squats are awesome. once you get good at them you can see how they will have helped you in just about ever other compounding exercise you perform.