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Accessory Work as a Circuit? (Book is on the Way)

Now, I have already read the 1st 2 books and now will be reading Forever when it finally comes (I was waiting for an eBook, but I can’t be bothered waiting so I bought it over the weekend and it takes a while to come to Australia).

Anyway, I’m running 4 day program of Pro 5s and then 5x5 FSL for the 4 major lifts. The question I have is accessory lifts. I understand that it should be push/pull/core, but I’m wondering if this should be done in a circuit (without a break where I go from abs to pull ups to DB press for example all x5) or should I focus on one at a time (with 30-60 sec break within each set)?

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance

Whatever you want

Great! I thought that having a 2m break in between ab work might make it less efficient (but I’m probably overthinking this as usual)

I would try different layouts for cycles at a time: straight sets, circuit, supersetted, supersetted with main movements and see how you respond.

Try keep it all sensible so it all works together.

There are circuit programs in the book you can check out when it arrives.

If you just do the workouts for a few weeks you will have notions like this is too much or this is just right or I would like this Template. Once you figure this out each lift may have a different structure. I condition my upper and leave my lower as one lift. Make your workout yours.

My bench and ohp are 5x531. Squat is 531fsl20 my deadlift is bbb.

How much weight do you use for deadlift BBB?

60% is what I started with but by now it’s more like 40 to 50% because I’m on a time crunch so the fsl bbb kills me.

Taking so long to come…stuck in Chicago for the last 5 days :frowning:

Won’t be much longer hopefully! Mine took a week to the UK via Chicago.