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Accessory Moves During Fat Loss Phase

Hi coach, I know that during a fat loss phase the most important is focus on compound movements and getting stronger or don’t loose strenght, but my question is about accesory movements.
What are the pros and cons of training for pump at the end of the workout? I was thinking bíceps, triceps and delts.

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Taxes recovery further while your body already has limited resources to work which may impact your ability to maintain performance on compound movements.

The benefit is a little extra stimulus to retain muscle with mechanical tension or metabolic stress. How much benefit it really adds is anyone’s guess. Not much tho

Biceps are a small muscle, that recovery quickly from high volumes. Should be alright to throw in a few curls. Delts with a few lateral raises or something should be alright too.

Careful with triceps tho because you need em to be fresh for all your heavy pressing movements. So bare minimum of pump work or nothing, save it for the heavy stuff.

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A lot of people (including myself… we are always out own worst coach) have the reflex to add too much work when trying to get lean. Subconsciously we want to burn more calories by training more… but it can do more harm than good when you are natural (enhanced it works).

My belief is that that assistance/isolation work has its place in a program when dieting down. But pretty much only for your weak points which will be the muscles that you are the most likely to lose when dieting.

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