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Accessory Lifts to Hit Hams


I don't have access to a GHR. I mainly do a bodyweight form of it(with my feet held down on the floor I raise and lower my body from my knees up), and use the lying leg curl machine. Any other suggestions? Looking to switch things up a bit.


and how do you find bodyweight GHRs on your hammies ??????

do they work better than lying bodyweight leg curls ?????


they are different. hard to describe, but the best I can do is to say that they hit the hamstring and glute almost concurrently, while the leg curl seems to hit lower in my hamstring.


stiff legged dead, i watched a video on hamstring training it the person who was a pro bodybuilder said that u need an exercise like the deadlift or stiff legged or GHR to stretch the hams instead of just contract like the leg curl and that many pulls are from not having stretched ones just tight from curling all the time time, no idea if hes right but makes sense


Stiff deads or RDL's and GM's.


Makes a lot of sense.... ties into the idea of fascia stretching that's a big part of Doggcrapp training, and Prof X has talked about it and is a fan too.


Good Mornings, straight leg DLs,DLs from the floor, rope cable pull throughs, short stride lunges, leg press with feet positioned high on platform, sumo squats (inner ham/thigh), sprints.


Hammies are about the only muscle that works two ways.
One it activates and helps with the glute contraction -SLD, RDL, GMS, etc
Two it brings back the lower leg, any leg curl

For happy healthy hammies I recommend both.

For many years I SLDed, GMed and lifted nice weight. When I took up heavy weight throwing and hammer, I developed a injury where the hammie ties into the glute. Was very surprised how my SLD hammie strength was not reflected by my leg curls done for the first time in 20 years.

Yep leg curls and a strange one legged secret exercise (too weird for you guys) fixed it (with lots of massage and physio)


Pull throughs, 45 degree back raises Single leg RDLs and Band GM's are great too.

GHR is not really the be all end all for hamstring work but they are damn effective


Glute bridges on a swiss ball. Can also be done single-leg.


I'm feeling my hams good with cleans, just do (more) cleans. The stiffness is much harder with cleans than with sl-deadlifts/GHR's, etc.


I think thats what i'll add in then.(SLDL's) may hams are the weak point in my deadlift and squat..I have a feeling thats going to help...thx


True, this - gotta hit it from both ends.

As a note: long head of the triceps is active across two joints and so is the long head of the biceps.


heres another, Dimel Deadlifts it reminds me of the prestretch that occurs in the hamstrings during a hang clean

heres a video i found


I thought these were more knee dominant and therefore involved less hamstring.


Yep, I think its long stride for hamstrings.


Correct. Long lunges are more hip dominant (and hamstring) and short is quad dominant.

Good eyes fellas.