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Accessory Lifts on Deload Week

On the deload weeks how much are you supposed to reduce the loads for accessory lifts? would it help switching from weighted dips and Chins to body weight only that week?

“If you’re deloading, DELOAD! Cut back on everything and let your body rest and recover.” -Jim Wendler 5/3/1 2nd Edition.

Or read up in Beyond in the chapter “More on the Deload.” There are several deload templates to chose from. Accessory lifts don’t really matter during the cycle, so why in the hell would they matter during a deload?

Once you get the idea that doing a deload is so that you’re body doesn’t force you to deload, you’ll understand what the point of a deload is. Trust me, if you take a week off, your muscles will not deflate and die, nor will you lose so much strength that you’re scared of the 5s week that awaits next Monday.

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This. I usually just do a single set of each assistance exercise when I deload, same weight as normal. I figure volume is a factor as well as load.