Accessory Lifts Help

I would appreciate help with accessory lifts to my routine. Mostly with how many of them and in what set and rep range.

My work out is based around the following main compound lifts

Incline bench

Barbell rows
Lat pull downs or chins

Front Squat


Goal is better looking physique. Right now I am losing weight. I am also lifting within different rep ranges with these exercices to experiment as I have lifted mainly within the 5 rep range. One week I lift between 4-6 rep range, the next within 6-8, and then 8-12. Then I repeat. I am trying to advance with weight within all rep ranges.

Forgot to add that I am doing 2 work sets only in the main lifts. But these are 2 heavy ass sets with the goal to load on reps or weight every workout. Obviously I am a newbie lifter.

Would be helpful if you posted some numbers regarding your lifts and your physical stats, but going out on a limb here because you admit to being a noob lifter…I say screw the accessory lifts. Not that you should avoid them completely, but rather that they probably don’t matter. Focus on the shit you just listed and become amazing at them. The accessory lifting may just serve as a distraction and an unwanted drain of energy. Worry about those when you are trying to fix or improve certain aspects later.

Probably not the answer you were looking for, but there it is.

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Umm here I can give you the numbers of the last 5x5
Bench = 5 x 5 for 70 kg
Squat 5x5 for 100 kg
DL = 1x5 for 120 kg
Seated ohp = 5x5 for 60 kg
Barbel Rows = 5x5 for 70 kg
Chins = 5 sets of 4 reps body weight
I am currently between 85-83 kg at 175 cm

My lifting story is 2 ,“serious” 5x5s for the past 18 months for total of 6 months, the rest has been pretty casual lifting without much gains.

If you’re after physique I’m fairly sure there isn’t so much of a divide between main and assistance lifts. Pick whatever exercises let you really feel the muscles your big lifts use and do them for some sets and reps. Change them fairly regularly.


Also, you said you are losing weight. Your lifts are kinda okay for a noob (that’s a good OHP for one thing), so maybe just try to stay at those levels while you continue to lose weight. Some physique will come just from that.

Increase the pull-ups as you can. Ever see an out of shape dude bang out 10 pull-ups? I haven’t.

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