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Accessory Lifts After Main Layers


For Strength and/or Hypertrophy Layers I have been doing Rows for Back and Preacher Bench work for Bis all on my high pull days. Normally one HDL Normal Layer of 4 sets for back and 3 HDL Normal sets and and 3 Max Reps HDL sets for bis.

Is this still acceptable?

And can I add any Overhead shoulder work into my Leg or Bench days, or simply unneeded? Was thinking like 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps after bench or leg day…

No offense man, but aren’t you over thinking it a little bit? Do what works for you.

@orange: Actually I’m not. The above is one of CT Back and Bi Protocols for the Layers. I’m just revisiting it and making sure new proto has not been initiated. And the posts purpose is make sure the assistance work will not cause over training for the basic layers. But thanks for your wisdom. lol

My bad. I haven’t checked out the layer system.

@orange: Bahahahaha you are funny dude.