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Accessory / Isolation Arm Question

What is your favorite method to use for assistance / isolation exercises at the end of a workout to bring up arms? I’m good with my main lift and supplemental lift but want to know what to use here?

Say for curls and triceps extensions:
350 method?
Rest Pause? And if so what reps?
50% sets?

Or something else…

Thanks for your time

I like skullcrushers as a main staple in getting bigger triceps, at the end for a good pump and finish off what muscle fibres are left I like rope tri extensions. That’s what works for me anyways. Sometimes I’ll throw in diamond pushups at the end to finish off triceps.

Thanks but I’m not asking about exercises, I’m good with that. I’m asking about methods to use for those exercises.

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easily giant sets and such. So combining multiple movements for bi’s and tri’s and doing them in a row.

My fave is the one I listed here. Spider curls / incline db curls / standing curls

For tri’s it’s pushdowns / overhead rope extensions / bench dips or regular dips all depending on how I feel.

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Thank you. Do you ever revert back to 350 method or rest pause anymore for those types of movements once in a while to change things up?

My bad, I read things too quickly

I use rest/pause a lot still. I don’t use the 350 method as often as I used to. It would definitely be a good method to use for arm work, no doubt.

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Awesome. Thank you

Interested in hearing the reason why, Paul.
Do you find AVT1 and AVT2 superior in terms of pump-style work?

Reason for what?

And yes I find AVT1 and AVT2 awesome for metabolic stress.

Should have been more clear. I meant the reason why you don’t use the 350 method as much as you used to. I realize that nothing works forever (and that one can simply grow tired of something at some point), but was wondering whether you find AVT1/2 to somehow be more effective.
My own plan is to just rotate 350/AVT1/AVT2/100 reps.
In the grand scheme of things, I would guess there’s not much difference in terms of effectiveness (for hypertrophy).

Honestly I just don’t think about it. But now that you mention it, I may go back to using it for other movements again. So thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

Hah, thank YOU, Paul. Been listening to all the podcasts that you’ve been on. Lots of golden nuggets that have made me think twice about certain stuff (in a good way). Made me wanna become a better person and more introspective.
Hard work. Intensity techniques for life itself.

Hope more people will have you on as a guest. Wanna hear more about feels and your training philosophies.

Keep it up with the good content. Hope life’s treating you well, brother.

Thank you! I appreciate that!