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Accessory Exercises


Hey guys

I am fairly new to this forum so please excuse my ignorance regarding basic training . I just wanted to know whether a beginner should stick with novice programs ( SS , strong lifts , greyskyll LP) or is he better served by employing DUP with linear progression week to week in 5,8,10 reps . For example
Workout A : squats 3 x 5
Workout B : squats 3 x 8
Workout C : squats 3 x 10 or 3 x 3

Then increase the weight by 2.5-5kg per week for each workout . This is the recommendation I got from Coach Greg Nuckols who said its better if I implement DUP even though my strength levels in the big three aren’t good and are in the novice standards .

What do you guys think ?


Stick with SS or Greyskull LP. Stronglifts is just a mishmash of 5x5 published by a guy who has achieved precisely zilch in terms of strength. Leave the DUP stuff till a fair bit later.


Thanks !

On a side note : Since my goal is also to build some muscle , will it be wise to implement rest-pause techniques to build up lagging body parts in accessory exercises or should I stick with conventional techniques . And what should be the general guideline regarding the number of accessory exercises , their intensity and volume so that I can build muscle but also increase strength in my squat and deadlifts . The greyskull LP is quite flexible about accessory work but I’m not sure how much accessory work can become too much ( I have trained with calisthenics for strength and size for 6 years and need a bit more volume now for muscle growth )


Follow a coach or don’t. Stop dabbling.

Don’t combine, don’t Frankenstein a program.

Do it as is, learn, move on or repeat.


If you asked Greg Nuckols this question and it was what he told you, I can only assume

1: You asked him because you valued his opinion
2: He told you this because he felt it was the best advice for you.

Personally, were I in your situation, I would take his advice.


If I’d open my stupid eyes for once and read stuff, yeah, do what Greg Nuckols says.